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Hey when the photo thing opens up can you tell me how to use it I don’t know how it works

I have no clue what you’re referring to?

shanrain replied to your post “Hey Boot Scooters!”

This may be a stupid question I’m sorry but where do I find the poll??

Not a stupid question, at all! It’s on the right column at the bottom! It isn’t visible through the app, you need to view it on your desktop or laptop. Hope that helps shanrain!

Request for

Request for backwoodzbabydoll

Request for

Requests for brittany1794

sweetteaandwildflowers replied to your photo “Tumblr header for sweetteaandwildflowers”

😱I’m in LOVE with it thank y’all!

she-aint-into-wine-n-dinin replied to your photo “Request for she-aint-into-wine-n-dinin”

I LOVE it!!! Thank you! :D

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SO CUTE! thank youuuu!!!!!!!

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Omg!!! I love it so much especially now since they won the NBA Championship! Thank you so so so much.

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Obsessed😍😍 thank youuu!

Y’all are all welcome & thank y’all for requestin’ from our blog. Thanks for the sweet replies and support :)

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Tumblr header for sweetteaandwildflowers

Tumblr header for sweetteaandwildflowers

Request for camo_queen02

Requests for Excusemeimkissingthesky

Requests for countryrebel15

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Request for she-aint-into-wine-n-dinin
Request for countryrebel15

Request for countryrebel15

Requests are closed, which is clearly stated in mobile view, desktop view or the tumblr app. Please stop sending in fanmail requests.

We have 40+ requests to finish before reopening. We’ll do our best to get them out in a timely manner. Thank y’all for your patience and support!

Please vote in the poll before it closes this week!!

Y’all have a wonderful day!

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